June 9, 2020

"Before working with Unleash Your Power (UYP) I was struggling with how to define what I can do psychically. I knew I was gifted but didn't know how to explain it, even to myself.

I knew Jamie and Ashley were the right guides for me because of their deep authenticity, lack of BS in their marketing and program materials, and showing up for me before I even bought into the program. WOW.

Although I've got over 20 years as a clinical therapist and raised in a metaphsyical household with years of psychic studies under my own belt, I needed soul-sisters and community who GOT it. Who not only understood but could help me raise my game, challenge me and help me see what I was capable of.

Jamie and Ashley gracefully, skillfully and passionately helped me raise my vibration by providing a clear channel within the group and in private coaching sessions.

When I finished my cherished time in Unleash Your Power, I truly was transformed into a higher version of myself and gained a skyrocket into my abilities. I now have a level of trust and understanding I never had before in myself and my own "magic". This has affected every area of my life, my relationships and my business. I also feel more confident in the directions I am choosing because I am so much more in tune with my higher power than ever before.

Unleash Your Power is a most aptly named program. I would recommend this group to anyone looking to understand and for the advanced person, level up their skills and abilities in a holistic and energetic way. It's just what I needed and I'll be forever grateful. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart." Sevilla, Alaska, UYP Graduate


Unleash Your Power is an online Intuition Development course created to help you trust in and strengthen your gifts. It is designed to remove energetic blockages to more fully open your channel while providing a safe and supportive environment to learn, practice, play and grow with like minded individuals. This course includes mediumship, channeling, protection, energy work, intuitive coaching and optional business development both in a group setting and with one on one support.

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"I'm already seeing results from this program. I can tap in quicker. I receive guidance quicker. The messages I receive are undeniably spot on. I can connect so much more easily (and for awhile this was an issue and a block for me in receiving clients)." Alicia, Current UYP Rockstar